28 Jan 2012

Wildlife through the window

Great what you see through the front window. Herons are around most of the day plus cormorants, ducks etc. Otters too but it's hard to take your eyes off them to go and get the camera. When you do, you come back and they're gone, one of these days though.........!

Hunting breakfast this morning

The Heron perch on the pier

A grand day out!

Well a week in and the house is now livable (in a loose sense of the word) and the weather was too good to miss yesterday and so we headed off to Arnisdale for a wee run. Blue skies and sunshine most of the way. Had a chat with Sheena (of Sheenas tea hut) at Corran until the rain started then came back with sunshine breaking out again. Scottish weather, you gotta love it! Late afternoon ended with a sunset over the sound. Then the night (or early morning!) ended with a Burns supper at the Inn. Pipes, fiddles and guitars appeared at random and we had a cracking night where we were made really welcome. Feels like we have moved to the right place!!
Sunny skies, Loch Hourn

Monarch of the Glen (Arnisdale)

Sunset from the window

23 Jan 2012

More sunshine!!

Plus snow on the tops! Looking across to Kylerhea from outside The Lodge.

Chasing rainbows

Managed a quick break from unpacking yesterday and went down to the ferry slip. Sunshine for a few minutes and a spectacular double rainbow. Nice to see but as with all rainbows you get soaked as they pass by!

Glenelg at last!

Well after what seems like weeks of visits to the local tip, cardboard boxes, parcel tape, address changes and leaving parties (for Sue!) I arrived on Thursday in a cold, breezy, sleety Glenelg. I had a great nights sleep in The Lodge then after the removal men had left the next morning I moved into Tigh Na Creig. Sue arrived late morning and since then we have spent a few days emptying boxes, sometimes having an argument on what goes where, most of these I’ve lost! Many boxes have been sent to the attic and will probably stay there for many years to come.
I’ve had enough, I wont be moving again for a while!!

11 Jan 2012

Skye ferry news

Interesting bit of news this week about the Glenelg to Skye ferry being pulled in to emergency service at Strome Ferry. After the continued heavy rains this winter the A890 road between Lochcarron and Kyle was shut after a major landslide just before Christmas, further landslides mean it is still expected to take at least another couple of weeks to be cleared and made safe. Locals who work or live either side of the blockage now face an approximate 270 mile round road trip! Deliveries have also been severely disrupted. There has been no ferry at Strome Ferry since the ‘70s so Highland Council are hiring the Skye ferry, which was round at Kishorn having work done on it and will now supply free passage to locals needing to travel with vehicles.

I guess it’s a case of every cloud has a silver lining as any money the ferry makes through the winter helps pay for the repairs and maintenance that add up every year.
All part of the joys of Scottish weather!!