11 Jan 2012

Skye ferry news

Interesting bit of news this week about the Glenelg to Skye ferry being pulled in to emergency service at Strome Ferry. After the continued heavy rains this winter the A890 road between Lochcarron and Kyle was shut after a major landslide just before Christmas, further landslides mean it is still expected to take at least another couple of weeks to be cleared and made safe. Locals who work or live either side of the blockage now face an approximate 270 mile round road trip! Deliveries have also been severely disrupted. There has been no ferry at Strome Ferry since the ‘70s so Highland Council are hiring the Skye ferry, which was round at Kishorn having work done on it and will now supply free passage to locals needing to travel with vehicles.

I guess it’s a case of every cloud has a silver lining as any money the ferry makes through the winter helps pay for the repairs and maintenance that add up every year.
All part of the joys of Scottish weather!!

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