9 Feb 2012

Norwegian wellboat

A large Norwegian wellboat just heading down the sound, wellboats have large seawater filled tanks to transport live salmon between sites or for processing so they arrive in peak condition. A few years ago I spent a couple of weeks on this boat (the Ronja Fisk). We did two trips transporting live Smolts to France, one trip to Cherbourg where there are fish cages within the harbour walls and the other to Roscoff where they went into a deep sea cage off the coast. We anchored of the France for the night on the way back, and then we had to watch the Eurovision song contest (in French!). The all Norwegian crew had a strange sort of pride thing going on due to Norway finishing bottom the last couple of years. They didn’t know whether to cheer or cry when Norway won, mainly due to the fact they all had bet money Norway would come last again!
Great crew, father, son and even mother on board. She cooked fabulous meals, kept the crew quarters better than a hotel and spent the rest of the time having rows with the family and telling everybody what to do! Good memories.

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