31 Mar 2012

Glenelg Race Night

Great night at the Inn on the horses - on DVD not real ones!
You sponsor a horse and can also bet on them or others in the 8 races. My gee-gee “Hoof Hearted!” came in first then it all went down hill for me. I never won a thing after that though Sue picked a few winners.
In the last race the 8 horses were auctioned off with the final horse going for £120!
The same horse then went on to win netting the owner around £250. Not a bad night at the races. (I think he backed it too, so well done for having the bottle to lay out that sort of money in the first place.)
Sympathy vote went to Rab M. His horse Fell in the first race, came last in the next 2 and pulled up in the 4th. His other 4 horses seemed to have a mix of poor heart conditions, gammy legs or asthma complaints!! He was still crying in his pint when we left.

Proceeds go to help put on the 2012 Glenelg Gala Day on Saturday 30th June.


  1. Sounds like I missed a good night.

    The skink man

  2. Sure did John, though we all (most anyway) had a few less pounds in our pockets at the end of the night. A fool and his money etc etc :-(