22 Mar 2012

Self-catering perks!

We never realized there could be perks involved when renting out The Lodge.
Our current visitor, over from the East Coast for a short break, used to be a chef and arrived at our door last night with a pot of Cullen Skink for us to try (Cheers John!). As a “not that bothered about fish” person I was amazed at the taste and flavours, absolutely superb, we downed the pot in one (probably four portions in it!). If you see it on a menu I would recommend you try it, though being brought up by Cullen, having a dad for a fisherman and being trained as a chef probably gives him an edge when cooking it!
This has made me think that it could be useful asking what visitors occupations are on our booking form, maybe we could give preferential treatment if they had useful skills, plumbers, mechanics, gardeners and professional racing tipsters springs to mind!!

ps: He was justly rewarded for his good deed. An hour after settling in he came out with a cup of coffee, wandered across the road to look down the bank to the beach and 20 feet below was an Otter. (Could the Otter have been attracted by the smell of the soup?!)

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