10 Apr 2012

Village life and Ice Cream

It’s a five minute walk, at most, to the Glenelg shop. So buying a tub of ice cream and getting it back to the freezer before it melts shouldn’t be a problem. Yesterday we came out of the shop with it, met a friend, chatted while another friend also walked up and joined in. After half an hour we made our excuses having to head home due to the ice cream melting, 200yds later we stop for another chat and when we say our goodbyes it’s now been an hour since the stuff came out of the freezer. Fingers crossed, with a clear road ahead and only 100yds to go we manage to go half way before friends draw up in their car and the window winds down ……… !
In the end it has taken one and a half hours to walk 400yds and we now have a tub of Lyons Maid milk!!
A very enjoyable morning with some good crack and we wouldn’t change it for the world but, solid ice cream is definitely going to be a problem.

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