20 Apr 2012

Wildlife photography.

When is the best time to see an otter? I used to think low tide, though since living in Glenelg it’s obvious they are around all the time. Sometimes it’s just luck being in the right place at the right time. This one appeared within a couple of minutes of us arriving at the ferry slip.

On the way back towards the village another crossed the road in front of us, a long away from the waters edge or any burns leading down to the sea.

Off course taking photos of animals is not always easy, some creatures are quite happy to pose.......

some will try to hide .........

and some are distinctly shy!!


  1. That's put a smile on my face, nice pics.

    1. Thanks John, just a shame Otters won't sit still and pose a bit more!
      Great spell of weather over here since Easter but a bit of the wet stuff encroaching from your side this morning, please try and keep it over there if you can!!