30 May 2012

More Pine Marten pics.....

Just a few more pics of our Pine Marten (AKA the "Honey Monster" - he loves the stuff!)
Fascinating creature and although he went on to night shift for a few days, possibly due to the scorching weather we were having, he has returned to his early and/or late evening visits.

24 May 2012

Sunny days

What a week so far, sunny days and stunning evenings, not much else to say.

Except, long may it last!!

19 May 2012

Pine Marten photos ……..

Well I said it was just a matter of time!!
Staying in The Lodge this week, intrepid wildlife photographer Paul Walker, scoured the hills and glens around Glenelg, walked for miles (in what was not the best of weather) and spent hour after hour searching for just one tiny glimpse of an elusive Pine Marten,
In the end, all he had to do was get up from his seat in The Lodge, walk over to the window and take these cracking photos!!! Thanks for sharing them, Paul.

Paul and Jane produced and left out jam sandwiches on a daily basis. (They swear Strawberry is the flavour of the month!) They were lucky enough to receive visits from our local Pine Marten on several evenings. How’s that for a holiday highlight?

15 May 2012

There’s a Pine Marten at the door!

Last weeks visitors were amazed to see a Pine Marten on the decking by the front door when they got up one morning. Each night after that they left a couple of bits of bread and jam out, as they have a sweet tooth (the Pine Martens, not the visitors!).
Each morning it had gone but despite getting up a couple of times through the night they missed getting a photo.
Only a matter of time though!!

14 May 2012

New improved super-duper WIFI access!!!!

Ok, don’t get exited about this as it’s all relative.
If you were staying in The Lodge in the past, you had to sit on the bottom of the stairs or better still across the road in your car to get a very poor signal.
Now you can sit at the table and get around 2 out of 5 bars which allows you to look at web pages and check emails at a reasonable speed.

Ok, the “reasonable speed” bit is also relative.
If you come from an area where you get 20MBs speed you are lucky, Glenelg gets approximately half.
No, not half of 20MBs – half of 1MBs!

As I said, it’s improved but it’s not fast!!

13 May 2012

Applecross for lunch

Had a great day out to Applecross on Friday, one of those start in rain and end up in sunshine days (we get them the other way round too!)
Applecross is one of those “must do” days, if you are staying at The Lodge.
The scenery is spectacular from start to finish, especially over the Bealach na Bà, the highest mountain pass in the UK.

Single track, steep hills and hairpin bends

But the views make it worth the effort

When you arrive there are two award winning places to eat, the Applecross Inn and the Potting Shed Cafe and Restaurant. The Inn is about, fresh as can be, pub grub with great service and surroundings, inside or out. The Potting Shed Cafe and Restaurant is superb using their home grown veg and herbs from their own walled garden plus locally sourced fish, shellfish, lamb beef and venison. On top of that they do home baking to die for! We can’t fault either though today we chose the Inn. 

The Applecross Inn

Great surroundings inside.....

or out.

When you are there you can visit the location, just a couple of miles north of the village, where the BBC series “Monty Halls Great Escape” was filmed.

The beach and views are fabulous,

the bothy is still there and you can walk across the beach, wander in and look around.

(No Rubens though!)

The alternative, just enjoy the whole beach by yourself!

From there you can take the longer route back along the coast for even more varied scenery or return home the way you came, over the pass. A cracking day out!

9 May 2012

Drat, we missed the Ferry

So you miss the ferry by a couple of minutes, now what?
Well the good news is you get to wait and see what goes by, Seals, Otters, maybe a Sea Eagle or today, for a change, a Stoat. It was nervy to say the least and tried to run across the ferry slip 3 times before chickening out and going back the way it came.
So I got this stoater (sorry!) of a photo to show for it!!

3 May 2012

Morning exercise

Cycle up the road, past the Brochs in Glen Beag, to burn off calories.

Stop at The Wagon for coffee and cake to replace calories.

Throw stick for Oscar (he’s part of the staff) to help burn off his calories too.

Then cycle home for lunch.
Job done!

2 May 2012

Otter in the garden….

Though we are only a few yards from the sea I was totally surprised yesterday afternoon to see an Otter in the back garden! Even more of a surprise as I was cutting the grass with our noisy old electric lawn mower. A big beast, it walked away a bit, turned and sniffed over at me, then just sauntered through the back fence into the neighbours scrubland! Made my day but it the evening it got even better when we saw a pair of Otters playing at the end of the ferry slip!