3 May 2012

Morning exercise

Cycle up the road, past the Brochs in Glen Beag, to burn off calories.

Stop at The Wagon for coffee and cake to replace calories.

Throw stick for Oscar (he’s part of the staff) to help burn off his calories too.

Then cycle home for lunch.
Job done!


  1. Whereabouts is the wagon coffe shop,is it at the farm by the 2nd broch.i was up there in march and seem to remember seeing a railway carriage. I certainly remember the dog, he followed us all over the place until his master came home.weather looks great there.

    1. That's the place Tony, though like many places, it doesn't open usually until around Easter so you were just a bit too early. You will just have to force yourself and come back here again sometime!

    2. Oh that will happen ,no force needed