19 May 2012

Pine Marten photos ……..

Well I said it was just a matter of time!!
Staying in The Lodge this week, intrepid wildlife photographer Paul Walker, scoured the hills and glens around Glenelg, walked for miles (in what was not the best of weather) and spent hour after hour searching for just one tiny glimpse of an elusive Pine Marten,
In the end, all he had to do was get up from his seat in The Lodge, walk over to the window and take these cracking photos!!! Thanks for sharing them, Paul.

Paul and Jane produced and left out jam sandwiches on a daily basis. (They swear Strawberry is the flavour of the month!) They were lucky enough to receive visits from our local Pine Marten on several evenings. How’s that for a holiday highlight?


  1. We stayed in Glenelg this April, and were lucky enough to see a (the?) Pine Marten in the garden. What a treat! It made up for not seeing any otters that week. Sue and Gavin, Oxfordshire

  2. The are fascinating creatures and very inquisitive.
    It's hard to beat Glenelg for wildlife and sealife watching, we even had an Otter in the back garden ealier this month! http://newsfromglenelg.glenelglodge.co.uk/2012/05/otter-in-garden.html