19 Jun 2012

Corran by bike

It was cracking weather yesterday so we thought it would be perfect to do the cycle from The Lodge to Arnisdale and Corran. To be honest, Alison and Alan who holidayed at The Lodge last week did the same the same cycle then warned us against it but despite them being younger and fitter that us we set off with brave naivety and full survival rations. (Sandwiches and midge spray!).
It’s just over 20 miles but the hills are what cause the pain. The longest climb is heading out of Glenelg but the steepest is just leaving Arnisdale, luckily it’s not too long but after lunch, followed by tea and scones at Sheena’s Tea Hut it hurts!! In between these there are several long and short descents to enjoy without the need to pedal at all. On the down side, every hill you fly down means there will be pain on the way back!
The rewards are there though, cycling on quiet roads surrounded by fantastic scenery, plus on the way back we saw two Sea Eagles at the highest point between Sandaig and Glenelg. Mesmerized I didn’t even think to get my camera out of my pocket until they were further away, using maximum zoom and the wrong ISO settings on the camera explain the poor grainy photos.
I did suggest to Sue that having done it once we should do it much more often but she walked off muttering expletives. I guess it will be a lonely ride next time.

First hill climb finished and view across to Eigg appears

From viewpoint to Blaven and the Cuillin on Skye

A easy stretch downhill (but not on the way back!!)

and down............

great views.............

great colours............

The fabulous, remote village of Arnisdale

Arnisdale House, built by the Flemings, parents of Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond 007 books.

We got there and a well deserved rest for sanwiches at the Corran Ceilidh House

Followed by tea and scones at Sheen's Tea Hut, what a view over her fence!

A great view of Arnisdale under the Munro of Beinn Sgritheall

A not so great view of the steep start of the road back home :-(

Sea Eagle looking more like a stealth fighter!

Another view - sorry about the poor quality.

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