13 Jun 2012

Glenelg sunset statistics

The media bugs me in that they produce amazing “factual” statistics. You know the type of headlines....
Survey shows married Scots are nagged by wives.
A survey of 258 married men revealed that;
68% of them were nagged
2% were not nagged
30% were to frightened to admit being nagged in case their wives saw the results
These are obviously not accurate, 258 is not a fair survey of a population of over 5 million people and it also looks like 2% were lying!

Anyway sticking on this vein I can prove an amazing new statistic.
The best Glenelg sunsets are always on Tuesday nights

and here is the proof.

It’s true and is based on a 2 week survey (see last Tuesday night photo below) that entailed looking out of the window.
Remember, if you read this in the Daily Record next week you saw it here first!

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