24 Jul 2012

Buzz at the Olympic Park

Not news about Glenelg as we have just returned from a quick weekend in London for my brother in laws 70th birthday ( Happy birthday for Saturday, Pete!).
While we were there we went down to Stratford to see the Olympic Park and I have to say you could almost feel the anticipation in the air. People of every nationality, walking around, some decked head toe in the colours of their countries, some just relaxing on a shopping spree but all with a handful of different shaped and sized passes hanging round their necks to give them admission to particular areas of the Park or the Athletes village. We were only there for five minutes when Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson passed by us and after that we spent the rest of our time checking faces, trying to recognize athletes. It’s amazing to think that from Saturday some of those faces could be beamed across the world to millions as they stand on the podium with an Olympic medal in their hands.
I’m an avid fan of road race and track cycling and Sundays finish of the Tour de France with Brad Wiggins being the first Brit ever to win the Yellow Jersey, Chris Froome getting second and Cav winning the final stage on the Champs ElysĂ©es for an amazing 4th time in a row was, to me, like watching Scotland win the world cup. Hopefully it will be a great catalyst to get people behind Team GB.

So bring on the Olympics and hopefully, having had their moans, the knockers and whingers will now call it a day and the press and media will get behind the spirit of the Olympics and the individual athletes who will give everything and leave us with sporting moments that will go down in history.

Olympic adverts are BIG adverts!

The Olympic rings

The Athletics stadium

Olympic park walkway

Team GB accommodation in the Athletes village

We also had a trip on the Emirates Air Line, the new cable car over the Thames, cracking views of the Olympic Park, O2 Arena and City skyline.
The Emirates Air Line

The Olympic Park and Stadium

The Thames and City skyline

The O2 Arena

Ok, that's the end of the holiday snaps - I promise the next post will be on Glenelg!!!

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