17 Jul 2012

Glenelg on The One Show!!

Camera, action, lights in Glenelg today!!
Lucy Siegle of BBCs “The One Show”, plus a camera crew, stayed in the Glenelg Inn last night and today they are recording a piece on Glenelg, Isabelle Law and the Skye Ferry.
Isabelle (14) from Skye was featured on BBC Reporting Scotland last week. She is so passionate about the Ferry, she is working on it for the summer holidays and also has an ambition to skipper the boat when she is older and has qualified.

The One Show picked up on it and here they are doing a “piece de camera” on the shore below the Inn

Setting up filming at the ferry slip

Isabelle is getting so famous that filming had to be interrupted as yet another newspaper photographer arrived to grab a picture of the local star (ferry dogs Nak and Kim get in on the act!)

Filming starts

It’s a wrap, and Isabelle ends yet another interview, totally unfazed by it all (as is Kim the ferry dog!)

I spoke to Lucy this morning and she thinks the piece will air on Wednesday but better set the “series link” just incase you miss it.

Just another day in Glenelg!

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