29 Jul 2012

Romantic Glenelg

We heard the haunting sound of bagpipes last night and looking through the window saw a lone piper on the jetty.
He was piping in a bride and groom who were being ferried across on Chris Mains RIB from their aquatic “wedding limo”.
I later found out that the couple, Shelley and Simon (congratulations to both) were wed at Eilean Donan Castle, returning by sea to Glenelg where they had their reception and meal at the Glenelg Inn.
Just goes to prove that romance is not dead!
(Though on the West Coast it can be a bit soggy!)

Eilean Donan Castle - the romantic wedding venue

A wedding limo with a difference!

The "other" Glenelg ferry!

Being piped ashore

Glenelg Inn - the pefect venue for a wedding reception.

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