7 Aug 2012

A good night Inn!

Awesome music at the Glenelg Inn last night with “Jock the Box and Big Duncan” joined at times by a visiting American tourist on guitar and vocals plus amazingly talented locals playing the pipes and also dancing.
Nothing like the pipes in the hands on an expert (or two) to get the hairs on the back of your neck tingling!!
(No pics as I forgot to take my camera - drat!)


  1. I am "Big Clifton" Davis, and I was the American fortunate enough to play guitar and sing that evening with Jock and Duncan. Finest folk musicians I have joined in a long time. Kevin O'Conner behind the bar, as lean and quick as a well toned whippet, kept us all slaked of our thirst. Brian, our local fireman and fisherman, sang out lusty ballads and was such fun to be with. I have travelled the world, but never have I met such nice folks as those in Glenelg. Aye! I will come back soon. Absolute heaven on earth.

    1. Thanks Cliff
      Nice to hear some praise from over the big pond. I've passed your comments over to the main culprits!!
      Come back whenever you can, I doubt the place will change.