20 Aug 2012

Calum's seal trips

Not been doing my usual blog waffle recently as family descended on us for a week.
It’s not always easy to please everyone when the age group runs from 8 to 75 but a trip on the Sula Mhor went down well.  Calum's seal trips run from Plockton, a well known scenic village on the West Coast. It’s a “see no seals – pay no money” trip so you won’t be ripped off, on the other hand he has to make a living so you may be out for a long time if they are hard to find!!
Calum Mackenzie is a mine of local knowledge and keeps you going with interesting “facts” - some of them true! Kids and “big kids” get a chance to skipper and all in all it’s a nice way to spend an hour or so sailing Loch Carron amongst some stunning scenery.
The Sula Mhor

Duncraig Castle

Plockton from the sea

Big kids and wee kids get to play at Skipper!

The sight of seals means you have pay!

Some show interest

Some don't

and some swim out for a better look

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