25 Sep 2012

Mission Control - Glenelg (Earth)!

Following on from my (tongue in cheek) Glenelg / Mars posts below……….
There was an excellent meeting at the Community Hall last night where details of the 20th October events were discussed.
Named “Space, Stars and Mars” it will include several linked events throughout Glenelg that will not only ensure a great family day out but also offer an educational bias to everyone fascinated in the stars and planets.
Watch out for more details and press releases on our village website, Glenelg.co.uk
You can also contact organizers for media releases and details on available accommodation.
Accommodation enquiries  accommodation@glenelg.co.uk

Knock, knock who's there - it's Tony Robinson!

A quick follow up as we just heard voices at the front door and looked out to see the crew and Tony Robinson filming at our front gate. Sue mentioned film rites but apparently funding is scarce so better luck next time!

Baldrick, Brochs and Drams

It’s so hard to keep up with everything going on in Glenelg at the moment. On top of the Glenelg Earth/Mars event, Tony Robinson (aka Baldrick of Blackadder – aka Time Team presenter etc etc) was at the Brochs yesterday with a film crew and also at the Glenelg Inn last night. The Glenelg Inn stint involved Tony Robinson sitting at the bar tasting several malts. The fact that people get paid to do this for TV is amazing but I really felt sorry for an obviously envious, local “celebrity”, Charlie Mac who had to sit next to him watching him doing several “takes” of downing drams one after another!!
I was chatting to Tony at the bar when they finished filming (no, we don’t go in EVERY night!) and the program is called “Walking through History” It will go out in the spring of next year on Channel 4 and there are 4 episodes with each being one hour long. More filming is planned at the Glenelg Barracks today and in Glen Shiel tomorrow. The walks, with each one taking Tony a week will be rewarding not just for the history, which is based round the Jacobites, but also as genuinely pleasurable walks, complete with B&Bs, pubs, views ...and fellow walkers. If you have been to the Glenelg area before you will know it has the perfect mix for this and should make for a very interesting program.

24 Sep 2012

Former Nasa astronaut for Glenelg Mars party

Just noticed news on bbc.co.uk that the Nasa astronaut Bonnie Dunbar, who flew on both the Challenger and Columbia space shuttle missions, will be a guest at the Glenelg Mars rover party here in the village.
Several events plus ...........
"a treasure hunt using GPS technology before ending with a ceilidh."We don't have problems finding our way to a Ceilidh here but GPS technology could be the answer to to finding our way home again!!

23 Sep 2012

NASA party in Glenelg?!!

Interesting articles about Glenelg in the Scotsman and the Sunday Times after the US Space Agency (NASA) contacted the Glenelg and Arnisdale Community Trust about holding a party in the village. On the 20th October the Mars rover is due to arrive in Glenelg (the Glenelg on Mars, that is!). According to the article, the BBC will be here to film things and a Martian Ceilidh is also planned. I guess that will be like a normal Glenelg Ceilidh but you will look green when you go home. Just a normal Glenelg Ceilidh then!

Anyway, we must have all walked back from a Ceilidh or a late Saturday night in the Glenelg Inn seeing stars, tartan Otters, pink Pine Martens or attractive sheep, (haven’t we?!) so little green men would probably just get a nod and  an “Aye” on the passing. It’s a friendly place Glenelg!

13 Sep 2012

Eilean Donan thrills with James Bond!

On Monday 17th September, Eilean Donan Castle, close to Glenelg, will be the starting point of a 7 day UK Tour marking the 50th anniversary of the James Bond films. Eilean Donan was used in 1999 Bond film “The World is Not Enough”

Eilean Donan Castle

The tour begins at 10:07am when Eunice Gayson, who played Sylvia Trench in DR. NO (1962) and FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (1963), will appear at Eilean Donan Castle.
The Castle location and backdrop has been used for many film and TV productions over the years, it's also noted as inspiring scenes in this years Disney blockbuster "Brave".

Of course, Eilean Donan is not the only local link to 007. The parents of Ian Fleming, the James Bond author, owned Arnisdale House at the end of the road, just a few miles past The Lodge.

Arnisdale House, previous home to Ian Flemings parents.

His father, Major Valentine Fleming was killed during the Great War and his name is marked on the Glenelg War Memorial.

Glenelg War Memorial

2 Sep 2012

Abandon Ship in Glenelg!

“Abandon Ship” is literally, a band on ship, aka the Pirates. A bunch of amazing musicians who sail the West Coast and further afield, ending up in some of the remotest pubs, halls, and venues to put on brilliant gigs and Ceilidhs. Last nights venue was the Glenelg and Arnisdale Community Hall and on a foul wet and windy night, which luckily eased off to allow a dry stagger home, around 15 “Pirates” rocked the village until after midnight.
Ronnie, Rab and co, ran a “well oiled” bar and the mince and tatties were good too!
Another excellent night out in Glenelg!!

As motley a crew as you would like to sail with,
plus some locals kids, all in all a brilliant show!

First session was a concert.....

then the Ceilidh.

Last dance - midnight plus some!