2 Sep 2012

Abandon Ship in Glenelg!

“Abandon Ship” is literally, a band on ship, aka the Pirates. A bunch of amazing musicians who sail the West Coast and further afield, ending up in some of the remotest pubs, halls, and venues to put on brilliant gigs and Ceilidhs. Last nights venue was the Glenelg and Arnisdale Community Hall and on a foul wet and windy night, which luckily eased off to allow a dry stagger home, around 15 “Pirates” rocked the village until after midnight.
Ronnie, Rab and co, ran a “well oiled” bar and the mince and tatties were good too!
Another excellent night out in Glenelg!!

As motley a crew as you would like to sail with,
plus some locals kids, all in all a brilliant show!

First session was a concert.....

then the Ceilidh.

Last dance - midnight plus some!

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