25 Sep 2012

Baldrick, Brochs and Drams

It’s so hard to keep up with everything going on in Glenelg at the moment. On top of the Glenelg Earth/Mars event, Tony Robinson (aka Baldrick of Blackadder – aka Time Team presenter etc etc) was at the Brochs yesterday with a film crew and also at the Glenelg Inn last night. The Glenelg Inn stint involved Tony Robinson sitting at the bar tasting several malts. The fact that people get paid to do this for TV is amazing but I really felt sorry for an obviously envious, local “celebrity”, Charlie Mac who had to sit next to him watching him doing several “takes” of downing drams one after another!!
I was chatting to Tony at the bar when they finished filming (no, we don’t go in EVERY night!) and the program is called “Walking through History” It will go out in the spring of next year on Channel 4 and there are 4 episodes with each being one hour long. More filming is planned at the Glenelg Barracks today and in Glen Shiel tomorrow. The walks, with each one taking Tony a week will be rewarding not just for the history, which is based round the Jacobites, but also as genuinely pleasurable walks, complete with B&Bs, pubs, views ...and fellow walkers. If you have been to the Glenelg area before you will know it has the perfect mix for this and should make for a very interesting program.

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