23 Sep 2012

NASA party in Glenelg?!!

Interesting articles about Glenelg in the Scotsman and the Sunday Times after the US Space Agency (NASA) contacted the Glenelg and Arnisdale Community Trust about holding a party in the village. On the 20th October the Mars rover is due to arrive in Glenelg (the Glenelg on Mars, that is!). According to the article, the BBC will be here to film things and a Martian Ceilidh is also planned. I guess that will be like a normal Glenelg Ceilidh but you will look green when you go home. Just a normal Glenelg Ceilidh then!

Anyway, we must have all walked back from a Ceilidh or a late Saturday night in the Glenelg Inn seeing stars, tartan Otters, pink Pine Martens or attractive sheep, (haven’t we?!) so little green men would probably just get a nod and  an “Aye” on the passing. It’s a friendly place Glenelg!

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