7 Oct 2012

Space, Stars and Mars - Glenelg

I’ve been a bit too busy to post recently as I'm now adding posts and helping out on the Glenelg and Arnisdale website due to the “Space, Stars and Mars” event on the 20th October. As it’s getting closer there will be more going on so I expect posts her will be few and far between (or even less than that!). It feels like this will be a bigger event than we ever imagined with one or two people saying they are already getting sleepless nights and weird dreams! Besides the already mentioned former Astronaut Bonnie Dunbar and Scotland’s, Astronomer Royal, Professor John Brown we have just had confirmation that Doug McCuistion, the Director of the NASA Mars Exploration Program is also coming over from USA. It’s a big coup for such a small village and will hopefully be, not just a fascinating day for enthusiasts but also one that locals, especially the kids will enjoy and remember in years to come.
It’s not everybody that gets a chance to meet an Astronaut!!
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