15 Dec 2012

Thanks for visiting The Lodge this year

These days picking a holiday is easy, IF you do your homework. Pre-internet you read the small self catering adds in Sunday papers and hoped the “by the sea” and “stunning views” description meant what it said and that the sea was not actually 200’ down a sheer cliff and the views were from the lounge window, rather than 5 miles along the road! Now you can go online and see photos of every nook and cranny in the cottage you choose and also of the views outside. If the owners have a decent website there will also be a description of the local area, places to eat and places of interest. Add to that some “word of mouth” reviews and you should have a pretty good idea of what you are booking for your holidays.
From our point of view it’s good to know the main reasons why people come to The Lodge and Glenelg and it they are satisfied with the accommodation and also the location. This year we included a survey form to get your views on things like the standard of equipment, our website, the location, cleanliness and the value of the holiday and also to see if things came up to your expectations.

As the website is our “brochure” we were pleased to see repeated comments that the location and accommodation were “as expected” (with more than a few saying “better than expected”)

We also asked for feedback, comments or suggestions regarding the property or equipment.
This has meant everything from cutting down the high foliage to enhance the sea view, de-cluttering the kitchen worktop area and adding other items, like a new TV, better pillows and even a foot stool (we all like to put our feet up on holiday!)  Repeat visitors have also appreciated the new dining table and chairs which maximize the space and also allow you to keep an eye out for otters swimming by while dining at the window!
This gives an idea (in photos) of what you like about The Lodge and the Glenelg area.
The Lodge
Morning sunshine
Morning mist
Morning snow
The viewpoints

Hill walking
Bernera beach
Sandaig beach

Not so wild, wildlife!


Ferry dog watching!

The busy Inn
The quiet Inn

One comment summed up something about Glenelg that seems to please every visitor “you can tell the locals, they are the ones that always smile and say hello”.
It’s also been a plus that Glenelg and the North West Highlands have had the best weather in the UK this year and sun tan cream has been the necessity rather than wet weather gear!

We would like to add our thanks to all who came to stay in The Lodge this year, it has been a pleasure meeting you all and we look forward to seeing you again sometime in the future (some have already booked for 2013!).

Best wishes for Christmas and New Year
Sue and Alastair

Ps: We bought a potato masher too!!

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