18 Jan 2013

One year on - another sunny day in Glenelg!

Today while there are red and yellow snow warnings (oh no, don’t touch the yellow snow!!) all over the UK Glenelg basks in yet another sunny day. (Though there is still snow on the hills all the time.) A year ago we woke on our first morning living in Glenelg and funnily enough it was sunny then too. According to locals 2012 was just about the best weather Glenelg has had in living memory especially when you consider what the rest of the UK had. Could Glenelg become the Scottish Rivier in the near future?! Possibly not but there no complaints from us for our first year here. Now, if we could just turn the temperature up a bit it would be even better.

Heading up the hill
Top of the Mam Ratagan Pass
The view from the Mam
The Five Sisters of Kintail

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